Prestige Marketing Suites

LINEA 36 / 72 / 108 Marketing Suite

The concept behind this product is that they can be placed together to provide the floor area to suit the developers needs.

Each marketing suite has a floor area of 36m2 @ 9.0m x 4.0m.

If you need 72m2 we remove a commercial grade window in the end wall of a pod and then just position the next 36m2 pod to the first then we have 72m2.

If you need 108m2 repeat the process to increase the size.

We also provide construction of car parks, landscape packages, furniture rental and architectural models.


PDF iconThe Linea 36 Floorplan

PDF iconThe Linea 72 Floorplan

PDF iconThe Linea 108 Floorplan

Marketing suites leaflet PDF iconMarketing Suites Leaflet

The Beachhouse Marketing Suite

"Contemporary, light and spacious with a unique arched roof."

PDF iconThe Beachhouse Floorplan

The Ultraline Marketing Suite

"Bold colour scheme and clean lines with generous merchandising space."

PDF iconThe Ultraline Floorplan


Custom built suite to your design also available